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Aeroth Media produces quality content for various medium that engaged audience from different walk of life and thus leaves a long-lasting impact that in a subtle way helps the associate partners in branding & promotions.

In a very short span of time, in the media & entertainment industry, Aeroth Media has developed a network of online & offline properties that provide the exact marketing solutions for, brands and start-ups equally, as per the requirement.

Video Production

Relatable & Engaging Videos with subtle brand integration


Sports Management

Huge Social Media Network with unparalled engagment

Event Production

Strategically planned public events with widespread promotions 

Event Sponsorship

We sponsor relevant public events e.g. sports, cultural programmes etc.

Product Placement

Subtle brand integration in films, OTT contents, TV Serials etc.



Huge Social Media Network with unparalled engagment

What We Offer?

400 Million+

400 Million+

Social Media Audience



Grand Events



Content Types

India’s Biggest Influencers Network

 A  company is missing out on a huge opportunity, If it’s not taking advantage of Influencer Marketing. Aeroth Media is known for its huge network influencers from almost every industry

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